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Transfers in CounterPoint

This self-paced lesson is designed for the users of NCR Counterpoint who need to understand the process of transferring inventory from one location to another. In this training lesson, you will learn:
  • How to initiate a transfer using a Transfer Out transaction
  • How to use the Transfer Advice report to obtain suggestions for how to redistribute your inventory
  • How to create Transfer Out transactions, using information presented on the Transfer Advice report
  • How to receive a transfer using a Transfer In transaction
  • How to use a Quick Transfer transaction to do a single-step transfer
  • The differences between the Transfer Out/Transfer In method and the Quick Transfer method of transferring inventory
  • What quantities are updated and when for items at each location for each type of transfer transaction
The lesson contains demonstrations and activities that simulate use of each activity in NCR Counterpoint exactly as you would if you were actually in the application itself. Learning Checks at the end of each topic help you to evaluate what you have learned. Approximate length: 1 hour