Accelerando Splash Screen Change

Can the NCR Counterpoint Splash Screen be changed?

Yes, it can! Even better? Accelerando can make that change for you!

Standard out of the box NCR Counterpoint allows you to change the logo and also change the splash screen to a custom image of your choice – IF you are running NCR Counterpoint or above. If you wish to make the change yourself, click here for setup information. If you wish to have your image properly sized and then installed, submit the form below – we are happy to assist. 

If you are running or below, you can achieve this by making a custom edit to your NCR Counterpoint files. Since this requires some changes to the installation files, we suggest reaching out to our team for assistance in getting your installation changed and updated. We can consult on image size and help you get the graphics updated and installed. The changes can be made for Centralized Counterpoint Deployments (on premise or Cloud), Decentralized Counterpoint Deployments (Multi-Site), or hybrid deployments.

If you would like our help to upgrade you to the latest version of NCR Counterpoint or would just like assistance getting your custom image added to your installation, complete the submission form below.