Shopify Integration for NCR Counterpoint by Accelerando

Shopify & Counterpoint Integration

If your ecommerce solution requires a team or person in your company to manage product information, specifications, pricing, and images separately from what is required to keep your Counterpoint system updated, then you must consider a solution that integrates the two systems. Accelerando can seamlessly integrate your NCR CounterPoint point of sale system with Shopify. We'll work with you to install and configure the integration, so you can focus on what you do best - running your business. Our dedicated implementation team will be attentive to your needs until the integration is done, you know how to manage it and you're team is happy!

How Does It Work?

The Shopify Integration App is installed on the NCR Counterpoint server. The App connects to the NCR Counterpoint database and communicates to the Shopify site through the Shopify API.  Item data is transferred from NCR Counterpoint to Shopify. Customers accounts are transferred from Shopify to NCR Counterpoint. Orders are transferred to NCR Counterpoint and updates are sent back to Shopify.

What Data Transfers?


  • Shopify Product Title
  • Shopify Description
  • Shopify Images
  • Shopify Options
  • Shopify Product Type
  • Shopify Vendor
  • Shopify Collections
  • Shopify Tags
  • Shopify Prices
  • Shopify Inventory Qty


  • Shopify Name 
  • Shopify Address 
  • Shopify Email Address 
  • Shopify Phone Number


  • Shopify Order #
  • Shopify Bill To 
  • Shopify Ship To 
  • Shopify Products 
  • Shopify Pay Code 
  • Shopify Fulfillment Status 
  • Shopify Order Tracking Info 
  • Shopify Discounts

ITEM MAPPING for Items, Customers, and Orders

Shopify Product TitleEcommerce Control – Item Name Selection
Shopify DescriptionItems – HTML Description
Shopify ImagesItems – URL or ItemImages Folder
Shopify OptionsItems – Grid Dimensions 1, 2, & 3
Shopify Product Type Items – Item Category Description
Shopify VendorEcommerce Control – Vendor Source
Shopify CollectionsItems – Ecommerce Categories
Shopify TagsItems – Grid Dimensions
NEW Items – Ecommerce New Until SALE (Price 1 is less than Regular Price)
Shopify PricesItem Prices – Price 1 and Reg Price
Shopify Inventory QtyEcommerce Control – Item Quantity Available
Shopify First NameCustomers – First Name
Shopify Last NameCustomers – Last Name
Shopify CompanyCustomers – Name
Shopify Address 1Customers – Address 1
Shopify Address 2Customers – Address 2
Shopify CityCustomers – City
Shopify StateCustomers – State
Shopify Zip CodeCustomers – Zip Code
Shopify PhoneCustomers – Phone 1
Shopify Order #Order – Ticket Number & Ecommerce Order #
Shopify Bill ToOrder – Bill To
Shopify Ship ToOrder – Ship To
Shopify Ship Via CodeOrder – Ship Via (rst 10 characters)
Shopify ShippingEcommerce Control – Orders – Record Freight As Selection
Shopify PaymentIf paid, a payment record will be entered against order.
Shopify Order ContactOrder – Bill To Email Address
Shopify ProductsOrder Line Items
Shopify DiscountsDiscount Codes

How do the UPDATES happen for Items, Customers, and Orders?

How are Items updated and when?

Real Time Updates:
Items are queued to send to Shopify when the Ecommerce checkbox is checked and the item is saved.
Changes made to the item will be sent to Shopify when the item is saved.
Inventory is updated as the quantity available changes for the specified location or locations.
Nightly Updates:
Tags are updated each night.
Prices are updated each night. Price rules are considered in the calculation of pricing that occurs nightly.
The top level directory ItemImage folder will be checked each night for new photos or grid specific photos.

How are Customers updated?

Customer accounts imported into NCR Counterpoint from Shopify will be matched by
email address. If no customer exists with the same email address, the customer will be
added to NCR Counterpoint. Orders will assign a customer number by matching bill to
orders contact email address. If a customer exists, the order will be assigned to the customer.
Otherwise, a customer account will be created and assigned to the order. This allows you to
track guest purchases in more detail. Creating accounts in Counterpoint will also allow you
to market to customers using NCR CustomerConnect.

How do the Order updates work?

Orders are brought into Counterpoint as they are completed in Shopify.
Shopify allows an unlimited number of shipping methods. The first 10 characters of each method should be
configured in NCR Counterpoint.
Shopify Discounts will be matched to NCR Counterpoint discount codes. If a matching discount code is not found,
a discount code of SHOPIFY will be used to track the discount on the order.
Fulfillment of the order will be communicated to Shopify when the line is released in Shopify. Fulfillment is done by
line. When all lines are released, the order will be marked Fulfilled in Shopify. Partial Fulfillments will be honored.
If tracking numbers are added to the release ticket at the time of release, the tracking number will be sent to Shopify.
Notifcations to the customer will be controlled by Shopify.

How do I get started?

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